Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Charm(ed) Bracelet

I have been up in the attic for the past couple of days, cleaning up and getting rid of things that we are never going to use. I found a certain someone's Charm Bracelet, my youngest daughter's to be exact.

Growing up she had a very overactive imagination and she would always say that her charms had a special power. One day, she lost the bracelet she went crying to her father about it and he went out and bought her another one and they kept it a secret. That is what they thought they did, her first charm was an "H" and it was not like the one I had bought for her. She had a much more expensive bracelet and Charm.

A couple months later I went out to buy a new charm for her birthday, she wanted a Star Of David. I brought it home and it would not fit. I did some investigating and I put it on mine and my other daughter's and it fit perfectly, that is when she let me know what had happened and said "please don't put daddy on punishment or be mad at him, It was my fault" she was more worried about her father than lying to me about the bracelet. I exchanged the charm to a bigger size. I learned to forget about it and just understand it hurt her that she was not able to come to me and let me know she "misplaced it"

I was going to go out and buy a new bracelet for her, she is old enough to care for it now, maybe she will treat it like she treats her shoes and value it. Mr. K never knew that she lost the bracelet that he had replaced the other one with.

He and I went shopping while on vacation last summer he found her the same charm that he had given to her sister when she got married almost 5 years ago. He bought it because he did not know if it was going to still be made when she decided to get married (She tells me NEVER). I look for the day I can place this on her charm bracelet and let her know it is from her father. She told me I should give it to her now, that she could take it everywhere she goes and think of him being there.

I will keep it for that special day when she finally makes it under the Chupah*

*Chupah symbolizes the marital home, open on all sides for guests.

Mrs. K


  1. Mom are you telling business? That is why Kirsten said you could not blog about her.. Give me my charm or I will ummmmmmmm Let me think about it for a little while longer but I will get it somehow.. and for marriage dream on dear.

    You will get grandkids from me oneday.. I will adopt you 6 and then we can share memories but NOT on blogger mom! lol

    Love you.

  2. Nehya Miryam I don't tell you what to write on your journal so you cannot tell me what to write on mine right?

    You are not going to get that charm for a very long time, you better be glad you got the bracelet. I don't think I can handle 6 of your kids. I could barely handle you.

    I Love You Sweetie

  3. I'm glad you mentioned you wished she took as good care of them as her shoes.

    I understand Nehya occasionally buys shoes that cost more than one of my mortgage payments.

    I like to imagine shoes like that come with rockets.


  4. Mike she has a lot of growing up to do when it comes to shoes. Maybe when she has to pay a mortgage she will see and maybe even wear them shoes more than a couple of times. Who Knows?

    Don't intice her she may find some with rockets strapped to them and then she will spend more money.

  5. Please do blog everyday Mrs.K! U hv an amazing way of blending emotions with humour! I din know whether to laugh or cry..n ended up doin both.. (that's not a very good for my reputation btw..ppl think m deranged anyway).. ;D

    @Ne..muhahhahahhahahahahaha! :P

  6. This is getting interesting already... though I dont see Nehya letting ya tell her stuff out here anymore :P

    They look so pretty... tell you what.. over here in South India, all new born babies get their ears pierced at their first month. I still have my earrings :P

    @Ne: bet you didnt know that :P


  7. Arv Nehya is very secretive and private. I think sometimes I just rub her the wrong way. I got Nehya's ears pierced at a very early age also.

    She knows now arv about it. So glad you stopped by I have heard a lot about you also.

  8. Mrs K u r tellin me stuff dat i've been tryin to get outta her...she wont tell me nothin...shez private i kno...she smiles for others but wont share her tears...m glad u writin all this stuff